viernes, 27 de abril de 2012

So I’ve decided to write

Not because I think I have the talent to do it, but because it might be hidden there, somewhere, and there’s no harm in trying to look for it. I might be wasting the opportunity to tell the world I’m not afraid to express what’s inside.

I’ve decided to write to give my soul a chance to exist in simple words.

I’ve decided to write because something inside of me told me to do it, because I feel like pushing myself to the limit and squeeze out what’s been hiding all this time.

I’ve decided to write because it’s a pleasure, and you can’t forbid yourself to feel that, just like you can’t deny yourself a sweet treat, like chocolate.

And finally, I’ve decided to write because people around me also have the urge to do it, and life is pushing me that way.

So, who know what might happen? Who knows what might come out of this heart, brain and soul of mine?

2 comentarios:

  1. Que bueno que decidiste darte esta oportunidad. Hasta ahora he disfrutado mucho esta faceta tuya :) Te sigo, te sigo, te sigo.